Trumpetize for iOS (iPhone & iPad)


Trumpetize for iOS (iPhone and iPad) allows you to create your own speech and have this delivered with an animation. You can choose any word/sentence from the 1947 entries vocabulary. Speeches are automatically saved. This App will be updated regularly. The next version will have a soundboard. If you want to export a speech as a video, have a look at the Mac version.

Sharing a speech on iOS

When you've made your own Trumpetized speech, it would be nice if you could share it. On iOS, this is however not so easy as on Mac OS, so until we have a fix we can suggest a workaround; Airserver. This App allows you to make your Mac or PC act as an Airplay device. You can simply mirror your iPhone/iPad to this device and then record it as a movie, that you can share on youtube or where ever you like. We are not affiliated with Airserver, but it seems to work wel and they have a 7 days trial. Click here to download AirServer